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The Saskatchewan Wheatland Wild was created to give the South Eastern part of Saskatchewan an opportunity to play spring hockey at a higher level of hockey after the regular season is over with the same age kids with similar talent and skill set. This gives the kids a chance to play with and against other kids from other areas of the province(s) and to create not only the strongest team that we can assemble, but to create friendships and memories between the players and parents that will last a lifetime. Whether its playing with or against each other, they will always have that teammate bond with one another forever.


We want to create an environment of fun as well as a challenge to develop the kids to be the "Best" they can be, while playing with kids of similar skill and talent. Seeing what their teammates or even their opponents can achive, on and off the ice, will develop a culture of wanting to strive for excellnce in many areas of their lives.

Respect, a passion for hockey, & a good family is what we look for when building our teams. Hockey is the ultimate team sport and we consider the families a part of our team!

We ask four things of our players at every event - give 100%, be respectful to others, be a good teammate & have fun! For those who do that, there is no doubt they will improve as both a hockey player and a person.